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Kari Rimbey

Author Bio:

After growing up in Walla Walla, Washington, Kari Rimbey married and moved with her husband to Anchorage Alaska. Eventually settling in the Palouse region of eastern Washington, she spent the majority of her time raising three girls, serving in teen ministry, and facilitating an adults apologetic’s class. She is currently the story lady for a weekly children’s ministry, where she attempts to mesmerize up to forty K-2nd graders.

In 2017, Six years after remodeling a 100-year- old commercial building and opening a coffee shop, Kari received a Writer’s Digest award for a short story. Several months before the marriage of her youngest daughter, Kari published her first novel. Now a grandmother, she is out of the coffee business and pursuing a career as a fiction writer. Above all, she wants her writing to glorify God and point to his saving grace.

Books by Author

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Six Houses Down

Sharon Webster’s husband, Bill, is still in her life, but after their son is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bill accepts a promotion that requires lengthy absences. When a precocious, red-headed little girl climbs the backyard fence to play, Sharon is more than willing to accommodate a friend…

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