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Jacques R. Pye

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Jacques R. Pye is an emergency physician by day and an author by night. He grew up watching the original Star Trek and Lost in Space TV shows and reading Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon, and building models of the Apollo rockets. Later, he discovered C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength. When Jacques decided to write a book, he naturally gravitated toward science fiction as the medium to tell his first story. He wrote The Alliance Chronicles from a faith perspective because he believes that good science fiction can and should include a reasonable examination of God and His interaction with people.

Jacques lives in Appling, GA with his wife, Leslie. When not working or writing, he spends his time taking photographs, growing roses, reading, and studying God’s Word. Follow him on Facebook at and visit his website at

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The Alliance Chronicles continues with the third installment, Redemption, which begins just after Deception closes. On Kirill, Galen and his resistance fighters have subdued the forces loyal to the Empire, but Admiral Mu Pegasi must decide if he will help or harm the new government in its time of greatest…

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Tellerand Encounter

Tellerand Encounter is science fiction for those who have always thought that a good science fiction story does not have to be devoid of faith in God and for those who have always wondered what a science fiction story that explored faith issues would be like. Tellerand does not present a dystopian view…

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