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Melissa Rosenberger

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Melissa Rosenberger loved writing and illustrating stories as a child and won an award for her first book at the age of six. After graduation from James Madison University, she worked for an international health organization and eventually chose a career in medicine. She received a combined MD/MPH degree from Tufts University School of Medicine and board certification in anesthesiology following residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She practiced as an anesthesiologist in the Philadelphia suburbs for nearly a decade, but continued to feel the call to write.
Believing it's never too late to realize God's unique plan for our lives, Melissa stepped away from medicine in 2014 to pursue her first passion of writing. The Lord used a tour of Israel to inspire the research for her debut novel, In the Shadow of the King, as well as a deep gratitude to the Jewish people and a greater appreciation of the Jewish roots of her faith. She spends her free time creating stained glass, enjoying telenovelas and watching bumble bees at a local arboretum.

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In the Shadow of the King

Hannah knows her brother is odd, but her mother’s explanations of angelic visits and ancient prophecies seem inconceivable—especially since Yeshua fails to meet any expectation of greatness. When tragedy devastates the family and Yeshua does nothing more than pray, Hannah’s heart shatters. She…

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