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Pat Nichols

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Retired from a twenty-seven-year corporate career, Pat Nichols is proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams. She draws on her experience in seven different management positions working with hundreds of amazing women from all walks of life to create stories about women facing tension-laced challenges and heart-warming triumphs in the pursuit of their dreams. Willow Falls books three and four are waiting release dates. Pat is the mother of two and the grandmother of four, one precious granddaughter is with the angels. Married to her high-school sweetheart, she and her husband of fifty-plus years live in Duluth, Georgia. Pat received a 2018 NGCWC Georgia Peach Award for her short story, The Vet and Valentine’s Day, and a 2019 NGCWC Georgia Peach Award for Willow Falls book three. She received the 2017 CRW Woman of the Year Award and has been featured on WATC Television Atlanta Alive and in Voyager Magazine.

Books by Author

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Truth and Forgiveness - Butler Family Series Book Two

An unsolved crime and shocking new evidence risk splitting the Butler family apart. The emotional story of a family discovering the truth about the past continues. Daisy Butler’s growing feelings for investigative journalist, David Lambert, escalate while her father’s indecision sends her career…

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Big Secrets, Little Lies - Butler Family Legacy Book One

Growing up, Daisy Butler spent countless hours in her mother’s private retreat poring over hundreds of newspaper clippings featuring relatives who didn’t know or care that she existed. Recruiting her wealthy grandfather’s business for a prestigious New York law firm is junior associate, Daisy’s…

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Jenny's Grace

How far will Jenny run to escape the dark secrets that hold her heart hostage? After ten years, five cities, and dozens of restaurants, Chef Jenny Collins packs all of her possessions in her car and seeks another new beginning—this time in Madison, Georgia. Desperate for cash, she settles for a job…

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Bridges, Books, and Bones - Willow Falls Series Book Four

Following the premier of her first movie role, Rachel Streetman Bricker flies to romantic Venice, Italy, to star in a major motion picture. The six-week trip forces her to face the grim truth. She’ll spend her first wedding anniversary an ocean away from Charlie. Adding to her anxiety, a ruthless…

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Starstruck in Willow Falls - Willow Falls Series Book Three

Heartwarming, emotionally charged saga of a small Southern town's struggle for survival and two women's challenge to balance family and career. Starstruck in Willow Falls, Book 3 in the Willow Falls series, celebrates small towns with dialogue-rich stories and relatable characters facing life’s challenges.…

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The Trouble in Willow Falls- Willow Falls Series Book Two

Heart-warming emotionally charged saga of a small southern town’s struggle for survival and two women’s challenge to balance family and career. Rachel Streetman is one audition away from landing the lead in a play written by a respected director and jump-starting her lackluster acting career. An…

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The Secret of Willow Inn - Willow Falls Series Book One

Inspirational, emotional story of a small town’s struggle to survive. Three Strangers… Emily Hayes, an aspiring novelist, desperate to transform her dying hometown into a tourist destination. Rachel Streetman, raised in Atlanta, relegates her acting dream to secret performances for imaginary audiences…

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