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Linda Siebold

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Linda Siebold loves to read and write romantic suspense. She's been telling stories since she was around four years old, living on the farm with her parents, brother, sister, and granddad. The first ones centered around what the mean rooster did and said that day. Her professional writing journey started in 2018 when she attended the ACFW Conference in Nashville. She pitched an unfinished manuscript to Cynthia Hickey of Winged Publications, and to her surprise, Cynthia liked it and wanted to see more. Linda lives in central Kansas with her husband and spoiled cat. She has a grown son and daughter and seven grandchildren. Contact her at

Books by Author

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Montaire Under Siege

The Backcover copy for Montaire Under Siege: 'Montaire will fall from within unless the contessa abdicates. If she doesn’t, the council will be destroyed one by one. She is not immune.' As Selena Simmons-Carmichael Russell received the newest threat, a mysterious weapon that the garda have no defense…

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Cupcakes and Valor

Callea Thompson is the co-owner of a cupcake and coffee shop. Her days are filled doing what she loves - baking cupcakes - until someone stalks her, the FBI has her under surveillance for fraud and murder, and an assassin has her in her sights. Rob Jennings, an agent for Valor Investigations, calls…

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The Contessa is Missing

A bag of ice leads Contessa Selena Simmons-Carmichael Russell into the hands of an armed robber and kidnapper as Sam Russell falls prey to the robbery gone wrong. Sam can't help 'the trouble magnet' with his gunshot to the chest. She's missing and presumed dead as he fights for his life. As the other…

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Contessa in Disguise

Selena Russell, Contessa Selena Carmichael-Simmons of Montaire, and her husband, Sam Russell, have returned to Montaire so Selena and the Council of Montaire can appoint a new council member. As candidates are chosen to interview, someone begins to target the members with deadly intent. Lawrence Cardwell,…

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Selena's Keepsake

Selena Simmons, Contessa Selena Carmichael-Simmons of Montaire and Research Specialist at R & S Retrievals, has flown to Palm Keys, a resort in Florida with her friend, Haylie Stevens, for a destination wedding. On a whim she buys a puzzle box for a keepsake, not knowing that it is linked to a case…

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The Contessa's Necklace

Louella Carmichael, Contessa of Montaire, and her entire family were killed by assassination in 1973. One witness survived and escaped with Montaire's ruby succession necklace. In 2017, the necklace reappears in the eastern part of Kansas. Current contessa, Sophia DePaul, is close to death and when…

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