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John DiFrances

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John Di Frances writes suspense thrillers as few can, drawing upon his wide-ranging personal experience having worked undercover leading global high dollar
financial fraud recoveries, problem solving military ‘Black Weapons’ development, and providing contracting support for allied and
U.S. Defense Department ‘SECRET’ programs. Many of the ideas for plot and
characters spring directly from his professional background.
Today, he focuses on assisting corporate and not-for-profit organizations achieve rapid growth through his Strategic Open Innovation consulting services. John’s international corporate clients have included Fortune 100’s, middle market companies and start-ups. He enjoys the mélange of projects and challenges presented by working with a wide range of organizations and their unique
product and service offerings.Frequently, he sees clients struggling over
and over with the same or similar issues and trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel. His extensive business knowledge and global experience enables him to view his clients’ challenges from a fresh perspective and adopt innovative solutions to save time and minimize cost and risk. John is also a highly respected business keynote speaker, addressing Strategy and Open Innovation as well as other timely issues confronting businesses, not-for-profits and government organizations. His keynotes reflect the wisdom gained through
decades of global Strategy and Open Innovation business consulting.

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Pretense: Imbroglio Trilogy

PRETENSE - Book One of the IMBROGLIO TRILOGY “PRETENSE captures the rising wave of sentiment currently surging across Europe against increasing EU dominance and control.” “Exotic locales, posh accommodations, handsome men and gorgeous women engaged in dangerous, often lethal behavior—these are…

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