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Lori Altebaumer

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With one foot always in a parallel universe, Lori is an adventuring soul with a home keeping heart. She fell in love with words and story in between the pages of the Little House on Prairie stories. She grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries and Louis L’Amour westerns, dreaming she, too, was a heroine capable of saving the day.
Sadly, Lori can’t do a single push up, has no sense of direction, has terrible aim with a gun, and is scared of…well, lots of things.
You know what they say…those who can’t do, make up stories about it instead!
Lori lives in the small rural community of Lingleville, Texas with her husband, two dogs and a cat, as she watches her grown twins begin their own journeys through life. A graduate of Texas A&M, Lori had over twenty years experience in business and administration as a small business owner with her husband. She now writes full time, and when not writing she is probably reading, exploring history, making dinner for friends or family, or traveling with her husband.

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A Firm Place to Stand

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