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Kathy J. Perry

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A semi-retired elementary school teacher, Kathy now enjoys writing and illustrating early chapter books about animals who learn valuable character qualities. Her goal is to help kids enjoy learning to read as well as apply lessons learned from the animals to their own lives. Her fun, animal adventures in the Bandana Acres series will appeal to first and second-graders and as read-aloud books to pre-schoolers. Soft, watercolor illustrations have been a source of joy for Kathy to draw and paint.

Other activities she enjoys are managing her own publishing company, Chickadee Words, working part-time, teaching, artwork, reading, gardening, and baking. She has a keen interest in art and has designed and created architectural stained glass windows for 35 years for homes and businesses.

She currently lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area with her husband of 36 years and their dog, Taz.

Books by Author

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Nibbler & Captain Make Peace

This makes me mad! What should I do? Nibbler the beaver works hard to keep his lodge and dam perfectly patched. A river otter knocks a hole in his great work. Now he’s so angry, he could almost spit nails. Can he learn how to handle his anger?

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Rascal's Trip

Oh, no! Why didn’t I wait? Rascal the raccoon is sorry he ignored the warning signs He’s surprised by a whirlwind and he’s taken for the ride of his life. Now it’s up to the Bandana Buddies to help him learn the importance of thinking ahead. Can he stay out of trouble long enough to get back…

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Feebs to the Rescue

“Owww! Oh, Feebs, I’m trapped! Can you get help?” Feebs the kitten is new to the farm. She’s a long way from the farmhouse and doesn’t know her way home in the dark. Her new friend, Ollie the dog, needs help. Can she find the courage to lead a night rescue?

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