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Glynn Young

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A national award-winning speechwriter and communications executive, Glynn Young is the author of two novels, "Dancing Priest" and "A Light Shining," and the non-fiction book "Poetry at Work." He has also published numerous articles and papers on employee communications, speechwriting, crisis communications, and environmental communications. He is a member of the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame and is a Fellow and accredited member of the Public Relations Society of America. He also is an editor at Tweetspeak Poetry.

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Dancing Prophet

Newly crowned as king and queen, Michael and Sarah Kent-Hughes must deal with a scandal engulfing the Church of England and the collapse of political authority in Britain's capital city of London. A cascade of events threaten to destroy the Church, their family, and society's ability to function. Michael,…

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Dancing King

Michael and Sarah Kent-Hughes arrive in Britain, to live permanently and prepare for the coronation. But forces are at work to frustrate Michael's every move, with the aim of stopping him being crowned king. As Michael assembles his staff and begins to find his way, he learns what it means to depend…

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A Light Shining

In Dancing Priest, Michael Kent faced tragedy and triumph, love and loss, was called as an Anglican priest, became an international Olympic hero, discovered his connections to the British royal family, and reunited with the girl of his dreams. In A Light Shining, the sequel to Dancing Priest, Michael…

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Dancing Priest

Michael Kent... A young man studying to become a priest finds love, and learns that faith can separate. A university cyclist seeking Olympic gold finds tragedy, death and heroism. A pastor thousands of miles from home seeks vocation and finds fatherhood. Sarah Hughes... A young woman living abroad finds…

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