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Terry Stafford

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After spending most of his early life and years in the U.S. Navy searching for meaning, Terry is now on a mission to share what he has learned—in order to help people, find the joy made full that Jesus prayed for in John 17. He does this with the messages he delivers in his writing and speaking. He has been a worship leader for over fifteen years, leading the music ministry at his church, where he learned from everyone he came in contact with. For much longer than that, Terry has been playing bluegrass music with his wife and friends at shows and festivals around the country. In addition to being an author and project manager, he is a guitar player—but is beginning to accept himself as the self-taught fiddler that he is.

Terry holds an MA in Operations Management and is a certified Project Management Professional. He has been a Senior Project Manager with contractors at several NASA and DoD missile launch control centers around the country, and has taught business and project management courses in undergraduate programs at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Terry is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, and is active in the ranks of Author Academy Elite. His blogging and other writing includes inspirational topics for those who are seeking spiritual guidance—as well as for those who may have been hurt in some way by organized religion, and are looking for alternatives to traditional church, helping them to remain true to their faith, and engaged with their community.

When Terry isn’t writing, speaking, and playing music—he loves spending time with his three grown children and numerous grandchildren, woodworking, and photography.

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Strings of Faith

Is it possible to experience joy made full? Many of us have been hurt and must endure emotional pain and suffering every day. But there is a path of healing. This story is one of heroic recovery. Darcy is a classically trained violinist who, soon after graduating from The Boston Conservatory, connects…

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