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Barbara Leann Harrison

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Barbara Harrison aka Leann Harris

When Leann was first introduced to her husband in college she knew she would never date the man. He was a graduate student getting a PhD in physics, and Leann had purposely taken a second year of biology in high school to avoid taking physics. So much for first impressions. They have been married thirty-eight years and still approach life from very different angles.
After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Leann taught math and science to deaf high school students for a couple of years until the birth of her first child. When her youngest child started school, Leann decided to fulfill a life-long dream and began writing.
She is a former president of the Dallas Area Romance Writers and founding member and an active member of her ACFW chapter, Ready Writers. Leann presently lives in Plano, Texas with her husband. Her 15 novel, FRESH-START RANCH is an Oct 2012 release.

Books by Author

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The Cowboy Meets His Match (Rodeo Heroes)

Corralling Her Heart Sawyer Jensen is ready to grab life—and his new job—by the horns. The tall, hazel-eyed cowboy has been brought in to revive Quay County's faltering rodeo, but his bigger challenge may be taking on Erin Delong. The beautiful rodeo rider was in the running for Sawyer's job, and…

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The Last Truth

Betrayed by her fiancé to the Nazis, Linette Van Linder escapes the clutches of the Waffen SS and runs into American reporter, Michael St. James. Michael refuses to abandon the woman who just ran into his life and knows he can’t allow her to be arrested for standing for justice. The only way he is…

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Redemption Ranch

A former foster kid and army soldier, Tyler Lunch doesn’t trust easily. In fact, the shy mutt who never leaves his side is his sole confidant. Tyler knows what it’s like to be a child in need, so he goes to work at an equine therapy ranch. He’s instantly surprised by the way lovely volunteer Beth…

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Second Chance Ranch

Former soldier and rodeo rider Zachary McClure's wear injuries are for deeper than physical. Skeptical that anyone can reach the dark place in his soul, he visits an Albuquerque equine therapy ranch with no expectations. How can horses mend the physical and emotional injures when nothing--and no one--else…

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Guarded Secrets

"If I die, it won't be an accident." At the time, Lilly Burkstrom brushed aside her ex-husband's words. Then he dies-"accidentally"--in a convenience store robbery, and she startes to wonder. Turning to the police doesn't help. They don't see the danger closing in on her, not even…

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A Ranch to Call Home

The thrill of the rodeo is gone for cowboy Caleb Jensen. Nowadays, he helps out at the Texas ranch, keeping bad memories locked away. Then the owner’s granddaughter unexpectedly returns home—with a request he can’t accept. Former army captain Brenda Kaye is organizing a charity rodeo, and she…

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