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Marguerite Martin Gray

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Marguerite Martin Gray is the author of Hold Me Close, Surround Me, Bring Me Near, Draw Me to Your Side, and Wait for Me-- Revolutionary Faith Series, Labor of Love, and Promise of Purity-- Gardens in Time Series. Besides researching her historical novels, she enjoys studying history and writing fiction. An avid traveler and reader, she has degrees in French, Spanish, and Journalism and a MA in English. Currently, Marguerite teaches French and Spanish online. She lives in North Louisiana with her husband, and rescue cats and dog.

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Promise of Purity

Is true purity found in the laws of religion or in the hearts of the faithful? East Molesey, England, 1661— With the return of the exiled king to his rightful throne, Kate Sinclair’s world of black and white now offers the hope of color. But where does color-loving Kate fit? In the bakery as the…

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Keeping Christmas

In castles far and near, long ago and yesterday, find happily-ever-afters wrapped in love and tied with Christmas joy. The Lights of Castlebourne (by Cathe Swanson and Chautona Havig): He bowled her over at first sight--his dog, that is. Sydney just wanted a chance to do the landscape design at Castlebourne.…

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Labor of Love

Amid the beauty of the gardens at Pitti Palace, evil schemes attempt to spoil the lives of the Medici household. Despite having spent eight years as companion to her cousins, Ana Geovani still questions her role and place in the Medici household. This uncertainty compounds and alarms as her cousin’s…

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Hold Me Close: Revolutionary Faith Book One

Louis Lestarjette, a Frenchman, arrives in Charles Town, South Carolina, in 1772 without purpose or plans. He encounters a society on the brink of revolution and is forced to make decisions that include finding meaning and direction in his carefree life. Who can he trust in his endeavors to prosper?…

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