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Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

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Catherine Brakefield is a published author of two non-fictional history books and six inspirational historical romances, The Wind of Destiny, Wilted Dandelions, first book of the Destiny epic, Swept into Destiny, Destiny's Whirlwind, Destiny of Heart, and the final book of the Destiny epic, Waltz with Destiny. She has freelanced for numerous newspapers and magazine publications. She has had many short stories published,a few are: CrossRiver's The Benefit Package and God's Promises scheduled for fall 2016 publication. Revell's The Dog Next Door, and The Horse of my Heart. Bethany House Jesus Talked to Me.

Books by Author

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Waltz with Destiny

Book 4 of 4 Destiny Epic As Hitler and his Nazis march across Europe... The splendors of Detroit's ballrooms spin Esther (McConnell) Meir around like a princess in a fairy tale Here she meets junior engineer Eric Erhardt. But will Eric abandon his playboy ways for Esther? When war comes to America's…

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Destiny of Heart

Book 3 of the Destiny Epic As 1917 arrives, Ruby and her husband, Stephen, leave home and family behind for the prairies of Colorado. They hope and pray the climate change will cure Stephen’s mysterious illness. Back home, Collina battles to save not only Shushan, but her own life as well. Franklin…

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Destiny's Whirlwind

A deathbed promise, a mustard seed of faith, and a dashing soldier propel Collina toward a destiny she never imagined. Collina McConnell is thrust from adolescence to adulthood when she promises her dying father she will manage their estate and uphold the legacy of Shushan. But just what is that legacy?…

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Swept into Destiny

Forced to call each other enemies, can their love survive? Maggie Gatlan may be a Southern belle on the outside, but inside she's a rebel. Then she meets the handsome, strong Irish immigrant Ben McConnell who captures her heart. Ben is enchanted by Maggie's beauty and fiery spirit, but for him the South…

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Wilted Dandelions

High-spirited Rachael Rothburn is eager to leave her luxurious life in Buffalo, New York, to share the gospel with Native Americans in the Oregon Territory. But the missionary alliance requires their missionaries to be married and Rachael has no husband or suitors. When Dr. Jonathan Wheaton, another…

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